Empty Void

The sun will rise in the morning, and go back down in the evening.

The moon will come up at night, and go back down by morning.

The world will go on with or without you

People will continue to breath. Continue to laugh, talk, love -live.

Though my life is in shambles; shattered into pieces, the world continues its cycle and has continued to over the course of history.

What a strange concept it is, to live.

You live a little and then you die.

Finished, gone. Just like that.

Only to be left in the memories of your loved ones if anything.

They say that the ones you love remain within your heart forever,

So why is it that I don’t feel my father’s warmth inside of my heart?

I feel nothing but the empty void that was imposed on me the 9th of September

I’m a miserable mess, an unsteady wreck. On the inside I only continue to deteriorate. The sorrow seems like it will last forever.

How can someone so sad, look so.. Normal? –An eight word story of my life.

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