Simab Khan is a College student who lives in Toronto. While her study of interest happens to be in the Business Industry, she happens to be keen on fashion and cosmetics. Her style would be best described as dressy-sophisticated with a touch of elegance, and likes to dress to impress (on most days). Strutting in heels and wearing a shade of lipstick that matches her mood is essential in her everyday look.

Simab values building sincere relationships with people in life. She cherishes quality time spent with loved ones and finds happiness from doing so. One of her goals she hopes to accomplish in this lifetime is to find her long life partner, who she wishes to travel the world with.

I want to experience love in its purest form. To travel the world I love with the man I love and allow my soul, spirit and body to be engulfed by the infinite beauty of the earth. I want to experience foreign places with him, indulge in delicious foods with him, meet new people and create beautiful moments with him.


Simab identifies herself primarily as a Canadian Citizen, though her parents were born and raised in South Asia, Pakistan. A thorough breakdown of what her genetics contain is the following:

After conducting a DNA test early in 2017, it came to an amusing surprise her genes contain blood from all sorts of beautiful places from around the world. A thorough breakdown follows as: 76% South Asian/Middle Eastern, 10% Polynesian, 6% Russian, 5% Irish and 3% New Zealand/Australian.