Our views are continuously distorted by what media portrays to be “natural beauty” that can be achieved merely through good diet and vigorous exercise, brainwashing minds and twisting our perspective of what we unconsciously associate words like “beauty” with the second we hear it.

Women needing to undress themselves in order to gain approval is absurd. The standard media has set is causing unnecessary pressure among young women, it appears the less a woman wears the more she is praised.

But what about the women who don’t want to flaunt their lovely bodies and strip down into an outfit that accentuates every curve of her body?

I am among the women who prefer not to expose much skin to the world, and can further assist in proving women can be just as sexy while being fully clothed.

Confidence plays a big part in my definition of the term “sexy,” and can be portrayed in many different ways, from the way you walk to the way you speak, to the way you carry yourself. Seeing a woman dressed in a fitted blazer and pants equates a woman dressed in lingerie -it’s our perception on things it all comes down to at the end of the day when we deem something or someone as sexy or not.