Natural, Inexpensive & Effective Night Time Skin Care Routine

I’ve been asked about my daily skin care routine enough times for me to write a blog post about it, and by “enough times” I mean around four to five times (sounds like a lot, Doesn’t it?) Well, I can assure you loves after your through with reading this enlightening post, you’ll be able to see and feel results on your skin within a matter of one week. I’m going to highlight key products I use that help me maintain healthy clear skin.

I want to help every one of you enhance your overall complexion; bringing out the best in your skin and attaining that natural glow is very much possible. Don’t let trivial things like acne or scars stop you from thinking you can’t have beautiful skin without colour correcting palettes and applying layers of foundation, finishing it off with pressed powder. With the right products, time, and positive attitude, I’m more than certain you all can happily come to terms with your skin, feeling a whole lot better about it than before.

If any of you have any personal questions about skin care in general or organic products, please feel free to leave a comment or message via my contact page. I’m not a certified skin care specialist, but I am someone who knows a lot about natural organic products that are not only affordable, but effective in many ways. Much of my knowledge comes from courtesy of my dear mother, who specialized in cosmetics and massage therapy; she now spends her time reading up on the finest products that will produce the best results for healthy skin.

Allow me to walk you through my daily “before hitting the bed” skin care routine.

Firstly, I do not use soap from popular brands such as Dove or Olay. These brands will fool you into thinking their products are comprised of harmless ingredients that are suitable for your sensitive skin, and promise great results -this is all a fallacy to lure you in.

When I wash my face, it is always under cold water. I start off by applying a broad application of an Aloe Vera soap bar, massaging it into my face and then proceeding to rinse it off my face with water, ensuring any make-up is properly removed.

Secondly, I use a mini bar of Charcoal soap. I rub this gently on and around my nose, especially since this is where most of my pores are. I instantly see a difference after washing the charcoal off my face, it looks brighter and feels ten times smoother than before.

Afterwards, I use a peach scrub to exfoliate. Not only is it gentle on my skin and removes unwanted dead skin cells, it leaves me with an alluring peachy smell. I use a cleansing brush that heightens my scrubbing experience, allowing me to dig deeper into my pores for a thorough cleaning.

I always use a paper towel to gently pat off excess water dripping from my face. It’s important to let the water dry on its own rather than to instantly wipe it all from your face. Once I’m done with that, I go into the kitchen and open my refrigerator to use my final (and one of my favourite) organic product of the night before crawling under my covers.

Aloe Vera is not only a plant, but one of my favourite skin care solutions that has been known to help people all over the world. Not only is it super effective, but also inexpensive. You can find Aloe Vera in almost any grocery store! If you have yet to try it, I highly advise you buy it on your next trip to the grocery store. Aloe Vera is a miracle that does wonders.

Some nights, I apply castor oil on my eye lashes. Castor oil intensifies lash length and is healthy for your eyelashes. If mascara is a product utilized in your everyday look, then castor oil is going to become your best friend. I recommend brushing it on with a clean mascara wand gently, combining through each eye lash. This is something I’ve started doing recently, and I’m hopeful to see results within a month.

And there you have it loves! My simple inexpensive yet effective night time skin care routine. This is as far as it goes in terms of the secret organic products I’ve been utilizing to maintain healthy looking skin. I truly hope you found this post even the slightest bit useful. If you decide to go forth with my advice and give either of these natural products a try, it would be a pleasure hearing about your experience in the comment section or via e-mail.